Election 2020: Drunkards Association laments neglect in manifestos of NDC, NPP

File photo of a group of men consuming alcoholic beverages

An association that claims to represent the interests of alcohol consumers in Ghana says it is unfortunate that the two main political parties have failed to make policy proposals in their 2020 manifestos targeted at them.

The Ghana Drunkards Association says it is unfortunate that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) did not include their interests in their exhaustive 2020 manifestos.

The Ghana Drunkards Association claims that although they are not considered integral in the upcoming elections, its membership of over 10 million could decide the upcoming elections.

President of the Association, Moses Onyah, aka Dry Bone, told Accra-based Angel FM that GDA members have been responsible for all election run-offs in the country.

“We could cause about four run-offs in this election,” he boasted.

“They don’t even add us to the manifesto. We are floating voters and we determine elections every year. Governments could establish alcohol factory for us but they don’t. These are some of the things we need,” he stated.

According to him, whichever party the association backs in the upcoming polls is likely to win with a landslide, claiming that the association could make one party rule in Ghana forever.

Asked what then influences GDA members’ voting pattern, he said members usually look at the at circumstances in the election year, including the general cost of alcoholic drinks, to decide on which party or candidate to vote for.


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