“Even Akufo Addo’s Sister Cannot Save Him When Ghanaians Vote Against Him On Dec 7” – Jean Mensah

Jean Mensah

Mrs Jean Mensah, Ghana’s incumbent Electoral Commission Chair, has insisted she has no will or interest in rigging the upcoming elections in anybody’s favour.
According to her, although she was appointed by President Akufo Addo, she has no power to rig the elections for him; adding that even his sister cannot come to his rescue when Ghanaians reject him on December 7.

“And for your attention, since our appointment as the Chair and deputies, or maybe I should speak for myself, I have met the president on two occasions only and those have been official and have been attended by all commission members,” she told journalists on Tuesday November 24.

“Two occasions only. So, please let’s go into and ask some of these questions when they do because even the president’s sister can’t do anything for him when the citizens reject him.”

“The process is such that it is the will of citizens that go and I think we have strengthened that process over time.”

As a reminder, Jean Adukwei Mensa was appointed as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana on 23 July 2018, after her predecessor was removed from office. For two decades, Mrs. Mensa has been a leader in policy research and advocacy.


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