Fear Gripped Us That The E.C Wouldn’t Be Able To Compile The New Register At A Point. – John Boadu


The General Secretary Of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP Mr John Boadu has confided in Journalist Nana Aba Anamoa how fear gripped the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP at a point in time when the Electoral Commission was making plans to compile the New Voter’s register.

” Why were you afraid ? We knew you were all in support and had full assurance that this exercise will come to pass. So why Was it about the opposition pressure or what exactly triggered your fears ? ” Nana Aba Anamoa asked.

” Nana Aba, you see at a point in time,we felt it would not happen not because of the opposition noise but rather we realized the materials to be used by the Electoral Commission was coming from outside the country. And touching on how many countries had crumpled due to COVID 19,we felt those companies might not meet the expectations of the Electoral Commission but they did and today the exercise is here” He replied.

John Boadu is the General Secretary of the ruling party in Ghana. He spoke to Nana Aba Anamoa on Ghone TV.

Source: opera.com