Fear Women!- Sista Afia And Freda Rhymz Twin In New PHOTOS- Set To Release A Song Together


This is a hard proved evidence that women should be feared. They are little demons and everything under this sun can be expected from them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, budding singer Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia were on a hot beef.

They literally threw their fist at each other all because of trending beef between Sista Afia, Sister Derby, and Fella following a single that Sista Afia released to muddy the waters.

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Well, we are here to tell you that they are now the best of friends, probably sisters and they are planning on releasing a song together.

Freda shared a picture of herself, twinning with Sista Afia with the caption;

Sista Afia also shared the same post.