Fella Makafui Says She’s Buying A Lamborghini in 2021 – And It’s Not Going to Be Audio


Actress Fella Makafui says she’s going to buy herself a new Lamborghini in 2021 just for shege reasons.

The actress, real name Precious Fella Makafui Frimpong, says as a Range Rover owner she wants to upgrade and get herself a Lamborghini.

Wife of Ghanaian rapper Medikal, Fella took to social media to post her dream for next year.

“We already dey pull up in a range so lambo next year !! ON GOD !!” she wrote.

Fella Makafui ‘owns’ a few cars including a Mercedes Medikal reportedly surprised her with recently.

A few years back she had even more cars but they were seized by her sugar daddy after their breakup.

One can only hope these current cars and any future ones are actually hers and not audio cars which can vanish one day in case of breakup.