FIFA should stop African players from changing nationality – Jose Mourinho


Portuguese coach and coach of the top English football team Tottenham Hotspurs Jose Mourinho needs FIFA to stop African players from becoming European nations

He continued to ask why black continent African players are moving from their country to another. Jose Mourinho believes African countries would continue to be denied this from becoming a World Cup winner.

He said

“I want the world to realize that Africa is equal to everyone, Africans are not good, they have the ability to win any game, only because most of their best players are scattered all over the world playing for other countries beyond their homelands.”

It was painful to hear this because that’s the harsh truth. The FIFA International Football Association Federation will require African players to compete for their own nations.

To represent their own nations, African players will see a more exciting world cup ever. Countries like Germany have far more Africans, France so Portugal so you name them world champions