Finally The Owner Of Hajia4Real’s Range Rover And Trasacco House Revealed- VIDEO

After weeks of wanting to know who Hajia4Real’s bae is, she has finally done the required and showed us the face of the man warming her bed.

In a video posted by Hajia 4real on her Snapchat, she is seen with one fine gentleman who we have come to believe is the love of her life.

She captioned the video, “chilling with bae…”

Hajia4real became the talk of the town when she was gifted a Range Rover and a mansion at Trasacco on her birthday.

The issue of who got it for her became a controversy after Chairman Wontumi revealed that it was former President Dramani Mahama’s brother, Ibrahim Mahama who did this surprise.

The socialites denied it vehemently and even took legal action but ended up in the bush—she claims she is independent and she can treat herself to fine things too.

We have refused to believe because she said it was a gift. Looking at this video, we think we know who got it for her.

Watch video below;

Is the matter settled or you are still not convinced?

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