Funny Face’s album ‘Ay3 Beans’ after he insulted Ghanaians. Sells no copy on first day


Funny Face’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ album is not selling in the market after he insulted Ghanaians.

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face swallowed his pride and apologized to Ghanaians after they didn’t bother to purchase his album slashed from Ghc1000 to Ghc20 on the first day.

He revealed on Instagram that he drove long distances spending over Ghc800 fuel but couldn’t secure not even a single purchase.

He begged Ghanaians to support their own because he is bleeding..

“Ghanaians pls I beg you all .. am really sorry 🙏❤️🕊😭 .. am da same person who said .. I don’t give a Fuck abt you all .. pls am da same person saying am lying !! I rather give a Fuck abt you all .. together as one .. pls support my #AnimalKingdom album.. 20ghc per album .. I roam da whole day .. nobody buy …😭❤️🙏✅🙇 .. and I was using da Porsche Cayenne too .. remember da one @e_adebayor gave me .. da fuel chop my 800ghc today .. no sale of one single Album sef 20ghc oo .. hmmm .. Ghanaians I beg you .. am one of your own ooo .. pls support your own 😭❤️🙏 .. #AnimalKingdom .. Kasoa vandamme “ Ghanaians make Ei over me “ ❤️🙏😭🕊”

Funny Face's album 'Ay3 Beans' after he insulted Ghanaians. Sells no copy on first day

He later apologized in a video he captioned:

“Next time come and joke with Ghanaians 🤣💿 .. your album will turn into Pancake .. siaaa guy .. saying you don’t give a fuck abt Ghanaians.. you now changing your mouth .. Next time 😭💿✅😂 Kasoa Vandamme “ “ Ghanaians go make Ei over you “ da whole day nobody buy .. 20 Ghc oo .. hmmmm 😭😭😭😭✅ am one of ur own ooo .. support ur own 😭❤️✅🙏”

Funny Face jabbed Ghanaians during his beef with his baby mama and Lil Win. He said he doesn’t give a ‘fvck’ about them. He has been hit right at the face with his own words.

Watch The Video Below: