Ghana police will soon erect barrier on Spintex road only to tell drivers Your boys are here ooo- A Plus


Ghanaian social commentator, Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly called Kwame A-Plus has voice out the kind of Security system police are capable of using.

According to him, While the real robbers will be on our highways killing MPs and civilians, Ghana police will erect a barrier on roads telling drivers “Your boys are here ooo.” 

Below are what he wrote, READ;

Ghana police will erect a barrier on the Spintex road, cause traffic from Coca-Cola roundabout to Manet junction only to tell drivers, “Your boys are here ooo.” And stupid questions like, “where are you from?” “Where are you going to.” “Something for the boys?” While the real robbers will be on our highways killing MPs and civilians.

 If you have caused that traffic because you are opening car boots and checking for arms etc that ok. But to use police uniform to block the road and beg for money for mosquito coil is pure nonsense!!! There are so many noble police officers in the service today. Those who don’t respect themselves must be removed. And those of you who take MoMo, take people to ATM machines to withdraw cash for you – a friends even said a police officer divided his bread into two and took half becausehe was driving without his licence. Be careful.

I like the police who do snap checks at unsuspecting places. They are doing a great job. Not police who have been at one place for 15 years.

 If you erect a barrier on a particular road for 15 years and the same police stand there every other night which criminal will use that road? Won’t the criminals even make friends with the police? This country nankasa…. I don’t know how we think.

And Hey!!! Don’t be there thinking ; That Kwame A Plus, he is on Facebook talking about police, when we get him he will see.” Borga you can’t do foko.

 I’m telling you!!! Go and ask Dr. Nyankson. He asked Fianko, the station officer at cyber crime unit to invite me to CID headquarters a month ago, I told Fianko to tell him that me, Kwame A Plus, I said I won’t come!!! It has been over a month. He has not don’t anything and he cannot do anything!! I’m not one of those people you can intimidate.

 I am not above the law and I won’t be below the law. I know the laws of this country very very well!!

When people talk about the problems in this country insted of solving the problem the criminals who cause the problems target those talking about the problem. Me diɛ forget it. You lie bad!!! I’m not afraid of you.

All good police officer, (in fact there are many very good ones) should help us fight the bad ones like Dr Nyankson who are destroying the image of the service.

 You Dr Nyankson, until you leave the service, any day I write about bad policing I’ll use you as an example and you can’tdo anything. You are a PHD holder who is supposed to help reform the police service but you are worse than those who entered with JSS certificate.