Ghana to go on a 2nd lockdown if Covid-19 protocols are not obeyed

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The president on 31st January addressed the nation the 23rd time. The president informed Ghanaians about the new Covid-19 variant and the havoc it’s wreaking. He also made numerous restrictions and bans.

Well, as we all know, there is history to this trajectory of events. Prior to the first lockdown in April 2020, there were several restrictions and bans. Schools were closed, and so were pubs and large gatherings. The use of facemask was evangelized and veronica buckets became household names.

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There is a new variant of Covid-19. This one attacks children as well, unlike the first one which was more charitable on the young ones. Ghana has recorded an increased number of cases and deaths; that has resulted in these current restrictions.

Today, funerals could hold only 25 people whilst air and land traveling remains banned. We are all instructed to maintain continuous adherence to the Covid-19 protocols before things go worst. And by worst, I mean Lockdown.

Watch the president’s 23rd Covid-19 Nation address below

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Just like 2020, if the restrictions don’t appear adhered to and the cases continue to rise with children now included, then the next address will come with a lockdown announcement.

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