Ghanaian Pastor Who Murdered His Wife Clearly Posted About Killing her On Social Media – Shocking Posts

Ghanaian pastor who killed his wife, Sylvester Ofori, was clearly planning to kill his wife Barbara before going ahead to carry out the murder.

Ofori has been arrested after shooting his wife numerous times and murdering her right in front of her workplace.

The motive for his murder is not yet clear, although there are several theories. What is clear is that there were not living together anymore and she was seeking a divorce.

What that tells us is that the couple had a huge falling out and that the man did not take it well and planned revenge on her.

Now social media posts from his Facebook page a day before the murder shows that he was truly planning to kill his wife and thought carefully about it.

In his posts, he said that humans are like birds and that after helping them to fly, they then turn around to sh*t on you.

Some people ar like birds, you help them to fly and once they’re in the air, they sh*t on you,” he wrote.

It’s clear he was referring to his wife in this post.

In another one, he said that people who are kind are also crazy, possibly talking about himself and how he was losing his mind over whatever was happening.

It’s rather unfortunate that after making all these posts on social media on Monday he couldn’t cool down enough and went ahead to murder his wife on Tuesday.

He now faces murder charges and these posts make it clear it was premeditated. He should be prepared for a long stay in prison.

Ghanaian preacher Sylvester Ofori was, or is, a pastor at Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries, a church based in Parramore in Orlando, a city in the U.S state of Florida.


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