Good News: McLord Ice Volunteers To Train Female Movie Markers

Good News: McLord Ice Volunteers To Train Female Movie Markers

In the filmmaking industry which I am in, only few women are in the filmmaking industry here in Ghana and Africa, talking about Film directors, Cinematographers, Lighting crew etc.
The women are few AND I wish government to make policies that will encourage women in the field and more women to join. This is very important because most mainstream movies and TV shows do not accurately represent female perspective and roles.

In most movies women are usually portrayed as the stereotypes and their characters aren’t strong enough to stand on their own without a male and this in a way seriously affect women empowerment. Not only are female characters underrepresented they are also consistently misrepresented.

The few women who are in the filmmaking fraternity are equally doing great jobs as the men creating stories that fill this void example Liela Djansi, Juliet Asante.

The importance of policies that will support women in filmmaking will not only create diversity in our cinemas but they will also create films that more accurately portray female characters and women empowerment.

This will also serve the interest of empowering and improve the socio-economic condition of African women and girls on the continent and the Diaspora particularly in low-income and developing countries even like Ghana since filmmaking pays well.

In addition these women can make films that advocating the right of women and girls and promote the agendas and programs of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

I also think more can also be put in filmmaking in Africa to do films that serves the goals and objectives of women and young ladies example;

Films promoting mental heath and reproductive health right of young women in Africa.

Films promoting sexual rights and end to sexual and all other violence in all forms against women.

Making movies narrowing the gender gap in entrepreneurship, political and ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT.

All this can be achieve by encouraging more women to take up role in the film fraternity,

  1. To have more women film directors
  2. Women story / script writers
  3. Women cinematographers etc.

I there request aspiring female film director who want to practice the art to contact ME for free training and practicals by McLord Ice


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