Government Shortlist TV Stations To NMC For Promoting Fraud Activities

The Government has written a letter to the national media commission with a number of Private TV Stations listed to take legal action on Them

In a letter which was signed by its Director General, the NCA referenced what it said were investigations into “various petitions received on the issue,” and cited national security and public interest as the grounds of accordance with Section 13 (1) of Ghana’s Electronic Communications Act, 2008 (Act 775).

According to source, it was said many of this new Local Television stations using their TV network to promote fraud activities which goes against the law.

By adverting using the system host on Television, these Mallams, Lotto Forecasters and fetish’s always use money as their main tool of enticement; and promise to make people rich if only they contact them.

here are some of the advert such as….

Sika Gari

Chiper Cash

Lotto Numbers

Pocket No Dry

Double Your Money

WorldRemit Transfer

Transfer Wise

However, the introduction of digital platform has turned these purposes in a different direction by some local television stations. The contemporary magic money flaunting by fetish priest on our local television screens is gradually gaining grounds in our system and it is very emotional.

Moreover, the trend has changed now. In the olden days, it was very difficult for you to see the locations of fetish priests, not even posters but what do we see today? These fetish priests have now taken over all social media handles such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. 

If monies flaunting by these so-called Fetish Priest are indeed true, then there is no need for our leaders to fly to foreign countries to seek financial assistance to support some part of our economy because the government can approach them internally for financial support.

Perhaps, I want to urge the authorities of National Media Commission, National Communications Authority and the Security Agencies to put measures in place to control the activities of these fake priests/priestesses on our television screens. Finally, I want to find out from Bank of Ghana whether flaunting these monies on televisions without knowing the source does not tantamount to Money Laundering.

Below are the TV Stations Names in the Shortlist;

Akasanoma TV

Big TV

Tunder TV

Asare TV

Nkwa TV

Aflao TV

Boss TV


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