Hajia4Real Comes Through Wiggling Her Waist And Flaunting Her Gracious Behind- VIDEO


Hajia 4Real has posted a video of herself, flaunting her natural figure and this time, she did not feature her new whip, the Range Rover.

In this video, she poses as the independent lady she claims she is.

Watch the video below;

Hajia4real on IG

Following her birthday gifts, a Range Rover and a house at Trasacco, it was revealed by Chairman Wontumi that it was Ibrahim Mahama who got those gifts for the mother of one— it seems she has been warming his bed for a while now.

Hajia is to sue Wontumi for defamation. She says it is hard for people to accept that women can achieve on their own and equally spoil themselves with luxurious treats.

Meanwhile, she claims the car and house were a gift which can only mean she did not get them herself— or she is telling us she bought herself those only to surprise herself with it?