Heartbreaking: 53 Years Old Ghanaian Woman Cries Nonstop As She Narrates How Doctor Left Surgical Blade In Her After C-Section On Two Occasions


It was really a heartbreaking and chills gripping moment as a Ghanaian woman narrates how a doctor left a surgical blade in her on two occasions.

A 53-year-old woman identified as Catherine Osom has tearfully narrated event by event how a doctor at the St Martins De Porres Hospital Agomanya, Krobo Odumasi in the Eastern Region carelessly left a surgical blade in her after c-section on two occasions.

In an interview on Anopa Bofour with Captain Smart, the woman revealed that a doctor at the above-mentioned hospital sewn a surgical blade in her during a c-section to deliver her baby.

After some months, she started feeling severe pains and that was when the doctors revealed they left a blade in her.

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Again, they cut her and left a cord in her which developed other complications. How terrible can a doctor whom human lives are entrusted in your hands be?

The issue of medical negligence has recently become quite common in the country.

Few weeks ago, a lecturer at the University of Ghana lost his wife at the Accra Ridge Hospital after she was given a wrong medication.

This is another horrifying case! Watch the below;

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Posted by Toni Montana on Thursday, July 2, 2020