Hot Cake: Bishop Agyin Asare Replies to Kennedy Agyapong And The ‘Hot Seat Show’ Team


Member of Parliament for Assin North, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is championing the campaign to expose fake pastors in the country. This caught the attention of some Ghanaians to also contribute their quota to the campaign.

One ‘Obotan’ who claims to have been a fake pastor, sat on Net2 Television and accused Bishop Charles Agyin Asare of being a fake pastor because he mentors Bishop Daniel Obinim who according to him, is also a fake pastor.

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel International, on hearing this have replied to ‘Obotan’ claiming that people cannot just sit on air and accuse pastors.

“We cannot just have people to sit on air and accuse pastors without there being due process. We live in a time now where you are pronounced guilty on TV or the court of public opinion and you have to prove that you are innocent. I normally don’t reply my critics and accusers. However recently I’m getting calls from all over the world that one ‘Obotan’ being a herbalist who believe to have been a fake pastor sat on a TV platform to accuse me of being fake, claiming that I trained Obinim so if he’s ‘azaa'(fake) then I am thief. Jesus trained Judas, (I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, He was Shepherd God and a perfect man) and Judas became a traitor. Did it make Jesus a traitor? I tried to mentor him (Obinim) it didn’t work. A good father can have a bad child”. He said

Adding to it, Bishop Agyin Asare said; “this so called guy should produce evidence of his claims about me or he be made to retract his statement but nothing has been done”

According to him, we shouldn’t allow politicians to run the church because it doesn’t work like that. He also added that we must stop politicizing our civil and public service.