I Am Afraid To Marry My NABCO Boyfriend Because He Is Broke But Very Handsome – I Am Confused

I met my boyfriend when we were in level 400. He is tall, handsome and very attractive with pink lips. He was the guy every girl in our hall was dying to have. Women simply throw themselves at his feet. I admired him secretly and even fantasized about him. His smile could melt glacier and leave the coldest of female hearts warm.

We met under rather bizarre circumstances. I almost got robbed one evening if it weren’t for his intervention. He single-handedly fought the two assailants off and retrieve my purse without breaking a sweat. I know this sounds dumb but I was admiring his big arms whiles he wrestled the two guys. He is a fine human specimen. Pardon me if I am drooling but he is an eye candy.

Fast forward we got close and my attraction for him heightened as well, I always had my reservations about him because of the number of women who wanted him. He asked me out weeks after his heroic gesture. He showed me off to everyone like I was his trophy but I was always insecure. He’s never cheated nor created any impression to get me worried. He is a sweet and nice gentleman.

Our relationship blossomed even after tertiary. I had a well-paying job after our service and he had to join NABCO. We all know how much NABCO employees take monthly. Its meager as compared to his expenses. Either of us do not come from an affluent home, so we have to forge our own path. I literally had to wade through a river of hardship to make it out of tertiary. He also did same, probably worse. As has 2 sisters who he takes care of. How he manages that it baffles me sometimes. Money or material things have never been at the heart of our relationship, he is very forceful and hardworking and I know one day he will go places.

A week ago, he popped the big question of marriage. He proposed to me at the beach, on his birthday. It was epic and straight out of something from a movie. Our kids will be very beautiful. I was super excited and even shared a few tears.  As you can imagine I said yes but days after the euphoria died down and logic raced in, I started questioning myself and I am beginning to think that I made the wrong choice.

He is broke, how are we going to live after the marriage. I also have responsibilities, I earn GhC 3500 monthly but my mum is on dialysis and my kid brother is in high school. We could have supported each other if I didn’t have all these responsibilities. I love him but I can not marry a broke guy. What will become of our children? I owe my children more than a handsome or beautiful face.

What should I do? I love him and don’t want to hurt him by returning the ring. I need your advice please help me to make the best decision one that I won’t regret tomorrow.

Please share your suggestions and advice in the comment section.


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