I Have Nothing to Live for – I Want to Kill Myself – Xandy Kamel Causes Stir

Actress Xandy Kamel has caused a huge stir on social media after declaring that she wants to kill herself.

Xandy, who should be the happiest person on earth as a newlywed is rather already having suicidal thoughts.

The actress took to social media this hot afternoon to post her suicidal thoughts which has left fans scared.

According to her there is nothing to live for and she thanked everyone for their love and support, like a goodbye message.

“Life is meaningless, at this point I want to…” she wrote, adding the crying emojis.

This is clearly a suicidal post, although in Ghanaian showbiz you can never discount it as an attention seeking post.

Either way we would keep our eyes on it and dig deeper to try and find out what fire is in her life pushing her to this limit.


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