I will die single because men are always after my body


My name is Elizabeth. I have a larger number of epithets than the normal individual; the greater part of my companions call me Beth, some call me Elysia, another gathering favor calling me Lysia but then another gathering call me Lisa. The most interesting thing is that nobody really calls me by my original name, Elizabeth. 

As at the hour of the distribution of this anecdotal story, I am 35. My companions are totally hitched. What’s more, a few of them have been constraining me to get hitched however I have settled on a choice to remain single forever. For what reason would it be advisable for me to wed? I have everything an individual would need to carry on with an agreeable life. I have a flourishing business, properties dissipated across Accra and a lucky life. 

“I will never wed, I will stay single until the end of time. I detest men. All they need is my body” was my answer to Ngozi’s inquiry a week ago. She asked me for what reason I said a final farewell to Richard, my ex. 

She doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Nobody knows my past. They don’t have the foggiest idea how I experienced the initial sixteen years of my life. I detest men with enthusiasm. Richard didn’t help make a difference by attempting to assault me fourteen days back either. 

My story 

I had a horrendous adolescence. I was conceived in Ashanti, At the point when common conflicts in Ashanti arrived at its essence, my folks considered leaving Jos for Ibadan, their old neighborhood. I was fourteen right now. On the off chance that we had left Jos a month sooner, I wouldn’t have lost my folks to the virus hands of death. I don’t recall things well overall yet my dad’s sibling, Uncle Dele wanted me and took me with him to Accra.

In Accra, I made some extreme memories. My uncle’s better half didn’t make life simple for me. She abused me however I was happy that my uncle faced her. Also, she was a medical caretaker so she was regularly away from home. From the outset, this was a gift to me yet I before long understood that her being home was better. 

Two months after I moved in with my uncle and his group of three (he had twin young men twice my age), my uncle began doing improper things to me like contacting me in private places. On one night when my auntie was away on night obligation, my uncle coercively had his way with me. He assaulted me. My two cousins were away from home at that point, they were full time students at the University of Ibadan. I cried in disconnection for a considerable length of time. My uncle’s significant other didn’t see anything. Her scorn for me blinded her. My uncle didn’t stop there. Consistently when my auntie was from home on night obligation, he would come in and lay down with me. This proceeded until my cousins came back from school. 

The arrival of my cousins from school managed me impermanent help for a time of about fourteen days. I turned out to be all the more free with my cousins. One of them, Kehinde by name before long started to do similarly as his dad was doing before they came back from school. Before he came back to class, he had his way with me multiple times! 

At the point when they came back to class, my uncle needed to lay down with me once more. This time I wasn’t having it, I had concealed a blade under my cushion. At the point when his looking through hands contacted me that night, I gave him a scar that till today despite everything exists on his correct leg. He gave me an amazing beating when he recuperated yet from that point forward he never contacted me again. I despite everything laid down with a blade under my pad even till today. At the point when his better half got some information about the injury, he lied against something. What it was, I don’t exactly recollect. 

Sibling Kehinde never took a stab at contacting me again. He even apologized whenever he came back from school. I lived there for a long time. One of my aunties from my mom’s side sought me and supported me through school. She made me what I am today and I am everlastingly thankful to her.