ICU condemns Coca Cola for flaunting NLC’s orders on workers lockout

Thirty aggrieved staff of Coca Cola Bottling Company in Accra yesterday (January 11), protested against the management of the company for locking them out until discussions on their severance pay is concluded.

In December 2020, 30 workers of Coca Cola Bottling Company were issued with letters of redundancy.

The aggrieved workers staged a protest which succeeded in preventing other employees from entering the premises of the company.

After an hour of deliberations between the National Leaders of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union, ICU and Management of Coca Cola Bottling Company, the General Secretary of ICU, Solomon Kotei demanded that the company allows the workers to enter its premises as they prepare to meet the National Labour Commission (NLC) for further directives.

The workers were later conveyed to the ICU head office to address the issue with the National Heads to determine the next line of action to address the impasse between workers and management of the company.

Most of the redundant staff had worked with Coca Cola between 20-30 years.

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