I’m Yet to Meet Even One Genuine Prophet In the Whole Country, they’re All Liars – KSM Hits On Pastors Again

Kwaku Sintim-Misa, the celebrated satirist dropped his huge bombshells during an interview with Nkonkonsa in which he took a million shots at Religion and more specifically, Christianity.

KSM has once again fired hot missiles at men of God in Ghana after declaring that he has yet to meet even one genuine prophet in the entire country.

KSM had already rubbished the Bible which he called a man-made book ascribing human attributes to God.

In his next attack he targeted pastors who for years had claimed prophetic powers but never in a million years foresaw the coronavirus pandemic.

Next to be lambasted where the pastors claiming ‘healing’ power but now hiding when people are sick all over with the coronavirus.

KSM said in his experience he doesn’t know of one single true prophet in Ghana and called them all liars. He dared them to go out and heal COVID patients if they’re really true men of God.

Watch KSM blow hot in the interview with Nkonkonsa below…


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