Joyce Blessing’s Alleged L3sbian Partner Releases Bedroom Videos

From the look of things, it is not the scandals for gospel musician Joyce Blessing.

According to rumors making rounds on social media, her claimed lesbian partner has already released videos to prove that she was indeed in a love relationship with her.

The lady claiming to be Joyce’s lesbian partner, whose name has been given as Linda made the revelation about a week ago on the Power Entertainment show hosted by Agyemang Agyengo.

Apparently, she was forced to release the video so she could prove to the world that she was not lying when she said it.

Joyce Blessing has been in lots of scandals in these past months.

From her divorce to cheating allegations to questions about the true paternity of her children.

And as if all of that was not enough, the lesbian allegations came through. We hope the God she serves comes through for her.

Unfortunately, we do not have the video just yet and even if we did, we could not have shared it with our readers because of the obscenities probably in it.


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