Kantanka Automobile Goes Into The Production Of Tricycles (Aboboyaa) [VIDEO]

Ghana’s first automobile maker, will begin the production of electronic tricycles, commonly known in Ghana as ‘Aboboyaa’ or ‘Pragya’ by the middle of this year.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jnr, has made the company’s intentions of manufacturing the three-tyred vehicles known in a media interview.

He said the decision to go electronic was to beat other competitor automobile-manufacturing brands in Ghana and also gauge how consumers would be open to accepting new brands and designs.

To ensure effective usage, Mr Safo Jr explained the company was set to install sub stations across Ghana where drivers can recharge the tricycles after about every 100 kilometres drive.

He also revealed that the company would introduce a system that will enable batteries to charge automatically as they run.

Commenting on the prices of their cars, he assured of a drastic reduction in prices if the duty component of vehicles in Ghana were removed.

This is good news, since it means a drastic reduce in pollution that is if drivers and or people accept the yet to be released car. Pollution is a major headache in Ghana, and this new tricycle could reduce it.

But there is one issue, batteries are known to degrade overtime, due to a variety of reasons and have to be replaced overtime, this might be a problem for the budding company and also for the consumers considering the fact that this means an increase in price and also the batteries depending on what types are used can be quite costly especially when the size of the battery pack is considered.

All things equal, we will have to wait and see how this turns out, I hope a and pray that Ghanaians will accept the tricycle in good heart.

Kantanka Automobile Goes Into The Production Of Tricycles (Aboboyaa)


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