Kennedy Agyapong Attacks Me to Make his Station Popular – Nigel Gaisie Hits Back


Some people just hate peace. Weeks after Kennedy Agyapong left him alone due to suffering a bout of coronavirus, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has decided to rekindle their beef.

The preacher, who is the founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, in a new sermon has taken a swipe at Honourable Agyapong.

Gaisie took aim at a claim the MP made some weeks back that he (Nigel) sent some people to kill him.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong claimed that the pastor paid some people to assassinate him but they couldn’t go through with it and came to confess to him.

However, in his response, Nigel said Agyapong is lying and that if it was true the MP would have sent police to arrest him.

“How can a politician in power say that I sent assailants to come and kill you. If I did, come and arrest me. How can you say I murdered someone and I’m standing here. You see it is an agenda to not let people go to church”, Prophet Nigel Gaisie fierily fired at the MP.

He added that the attack from Agyapong is because nobody watches his channel, Net 2, thus he wants some traffic.

“I am a news. Their TV station no one watches so they use me for advert.” Gaisie bragged.

Quite recently, Angel Obinim came out that God have revealed to him to tell Kennedy to stop attacking men of God or he will die. Is it because Kennedy Agyapong have kept quiet? Well, that is a very emphatic response. The ball is in your court now Honourable.