Kennedy Agyapong reveals one thing he will do if he becomes Ghana’s president

Member of Parliament for Assin Central constituency, Kennedy Agyapong

The politician every Ghanaian would love to hate, Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is the name and it’s refreshing to listen to him any day considering his brutally honest proclamations.

Back to the subject matter, Hon Kennedy Agyapong of Assin Central fame has made Ghanaians privy to the lavish life he would live in case he becomes Ghana’s president.

In a recent report we sighted on, he will cruise in town with the latest model of Rolls Royce and wear the best of dresses he can afford if he ever climbs the presidential seat of Ghana.

He went further to say that if his dreams come to pass, he will be dubbed the President with swag and class because he will leave the life billionaires ain’t living. He stated clearly that he would have been the classiest president to ever assume the seat.

“It’s not as if I cannot be president, I would be President in style if I wanted to. I would ride my cars, not the small models our president moves around with. I would buy a Rolls Royce and when I step out the people would know I’m the leader indeed”, he said.


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