Mahama Likely To Face 2-Years In Jail Over False Passport Allegations


Former President John Dramani Mahama could face a 2-years jail sentence if found guilty for guaranteeing a Ghanaian passport for his brother with false information.

Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu revealed the John Mahama mishandled his office and guaranteed a passport application forms for his younger brother Samuel Adam Mahama with bogus data which breaks the Passport and Travel Certificate Decree, 1967, NLCD 155.

He stated that Samuel Mahama had indicated that he attended University of Ghana, Legon from January 6, 1992, to November 4, 1994 which is entirely false but Mahama went ahead to guarantee.

Martin Amidu wrote;

“A person who makes a statement which is, to the knowledge of that person untrue for the purpose of procuring a passport or a travel certificate for that or any other person commits an offence.”

A person found guilty of guaranteeing a Ghanaian passport with false information can face a 2-years jail term, a fine or both, according to Ghana’s 1992 constitution.


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