Man throws birthday party for his hardworking dog [Photos]

A Facebook user ‎Agwunobi Henry has thrown a birthday party for his hardworking dog who has been serving him for the past 4 years.

The dog whose name is Striker has been described by its owner as a beast in chasing wildlife when they go for hunting.

Read his emotional message to his dog below:

“Admin please…
And striker is 4. I celebrate you today because of your strength in chasing wild lives, and fearless heart to conquer your enemies. When I wanted to adopt you, my babe (Amaka) tried to discourage me, telling me you look skinny, that you you would soon die, but I didn’t know what came over me and I ignored her.
She nagged for complete two weeks just for me to take you back, but I insisted you must stay with us. Today, she enjoys the game you catch, and funny enough she always go for the laps(chai! This life no just balance). You have killed 21 grass cuter, 48 mice, 13 porcupines and 16 wolves. Your nanny confessed that your dad was a warrior, that you won’t fall my hands. Today with your exploits so far, I have come to believe fully in your might, as confessed by your nanny before I adopted you. I urge you to eat more bones and meat so you can strike more games for us.
Happy birthday to you 🎂🍝🍜


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