Meet Madam Veronica Bekoe- The Woman Behind The Now Famous Veronica Buckets As She Tells Her Story- VIDEO


This is a hardcore, notable evidence that everything would surely come together all at its own appointed time.

Miss Veronica Ayele Bekoe, the woman behind the now-famous Veronica Bucket which is now imperative in every outfit because of Covid-19.

According to Miss Veronica, she never imagined that was birthed about thirty years ago would become this popular and a necessity.

She discloses that the idea came up when she was having a survey about thirty years ago and realized that labs in the remote areas she was lacked the basic hygienic means to wash their hands.

Miss Veronica reveals that although she has no patent over the buckets, she feels elated, blessed, and proud that her idea is now helping not only Ghanaians but African as a whole.

Watch the full story below;