Men and Women Can Never be Equal – Stop Fighting for Equality – Efia Odo Jabs Feminists


Actress Efia Odo has called for feminists and all those fighting for equality to chill because men and women can never be equal.

Efia Odo, in a post on Twitter said men and women can never literally be equal since they have biological differences.

Odo said what people should fight for is for women to be respected as well as men and not for equality.

“Man and woman can never be equal so stop looking for equality. All that’s needed is for every gender to respect each other for their differences. Men can’t give birth and women can’t produce sperm(naturally). So no, we can’t be equal but we can give each other equal respect,” she wrote.

Her comment has generated immense discussion with the feminists coming at her with fire.

The great fight of our time is for women’s equality but for some reason the feminists in Ghana are losing the plot.

Maybe it’s because they often confuse their misandry with the fight for women’s empowerment