Ministry Of Education Advice Towards The NABCO Recruitment Portal

Nation Builders Corpse (NABCO) is an initiative of Unemployed Graduate to help solve problems concerning the society. This initiative was brought up to help unemployed Graduates to have their ends meat. There have been recent informations circulating around concerning the NABCO Recruitment Portal. Please, don’t be influence by Fraudsters. The recruitment portal is yet to be opened.

Moreover, kindly disregard any information about the opening of the Recruitment portal. This portal won’t be opened secretly but would be made known to the hearing of the General public. Fraudsters have been duping most people these days.

I will urge you to be careful so that you won’t fall a victim. Let’s not be in a hurry to get the recruitment portal but wait for the appropriate time. Recently, my fellow friends were duped by some fraudsters on this issue and we had the opportunity to get more details from some members of the NABCO board.

They made clear that it is not opened and if it is opened, it won’t be hidden but be announced and be posted on their pages. Please let’s be vigilant and stay safe.

Also, the ministry of Education urges every individual to Disregard the open of this recruitment portal. Though it’s not yet time but sooner than later it will be opened. Therefore, let’s all have patience for a better time than being in a hurry and finally get ourselves duped by fraudsters.

Finally, let’s continue to follow all the COVID 19 protocols and stay safe. Also, you can follow Droppednews for more updates. Just follow. Thank You


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