More Details On The Busted Self-Styled Benin Businessman Who Kidnaps Clients For Rituals Plus Other Testimonies


Suddenly Benin is trending number one on ‘Twitter GH’ and people are recounting their horrid experiences of Benin.

This follows a leaked WhatsApp chat where a young man is heard swearing heaven and earth to visit Benin to ease his financial burden.

Earlier, a juju man (fetish priest), who others described as a self-styled businessman who kidnaps his clients for black magic and for money rituals purposes popped up.

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According to reports, over 5000 unskinned bodies were retrieved from his residents after police raided his apartment.

It was recorded that he has a pit where he dumped those bodies.

According to sources, Benin has become the hub where internet fraudsters and money ritualists throng for their powers and rituals.

This has sparked a social media reaction where users are sharing various horrifying experiences.

Listen to the audio below plus screenshots;