MUST WATCH: Benin Diaries – Popular Sakawa Boy Goes Mad After He Became Rich and Stopped Following His Mallam’s Instructions


A popular Ghanaian sakawa boy has allegedly gone mad after his trip to Benin for riches.

The ‘sakawa’ boy, known as Star Boy, is alleged to have done the Benin trip everyone keeps talking about and returned with untold riches.

However, his riches was allegedly based on instructions from his Mallam that he always eat used sanitary pads to enable him maintain his wealth. The word ‘money’ is making most people do senseless things.

Starboy is alleged to have stopped following the instructions after becoming rich, leading him to go mad.

He has been spotted walking around town completely mad and thus people are speculating that he stopped listening to his mallam, rendering him mad.

Watch video of Starboy below…


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