NDC Cancel My Trip After Invitation Letter From Global Fund To Meet Bill Gate In Tokyo- Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Former Ghana AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has taken a swipe at National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In a Facebook post captured by GhnewsFile.com which Joyce state that, invitation letter from Global fund to meet Bill gate in Tokyo was cancelled by NDC because no minister or even the AIDS commission boss was invited under Mahama Government.

READ Full Statement By Joyce;

Below is the invitation letter from Global fund to meet Bill gate in Tokyo, and my Japan Visa. The global fund witnessed my dedication and zeal in the fight of HIV.

 Just because I was chosen to attend the conference in Tokyo and no minister or even the AIDS commission boss was invited, they made sure that The Global fund cancelled my trip.

 NDC, you delayed my success in life but the grace upon my life, you couldn’t take away.You will stay in opposition forever.

NB. This passport has expired now so if you want to use it for anything evil, it will not work.

 The Global Fund

 Dear Ms Mensah

On the occasion of the Preparatory Meeting of the Global Funds Fifth Replenishment (2017-2019),

hosted by the Government of Japan in tokyo from 16-17 December 2015. I have the pleasure to invite you to be speaker at the Preparatory Meeting will include representatives from the ministry level from the Government of Japan and Global Fund implement countries, CEOs OF private sector organizations and high-level government officials.

The Preparatory Meeting will lay the groundwork for a Successful Fifth Replenishment Conference in 2016 with the aim of discussing the impact achieved by countries and raising the additional to build strong and resilient systems for health towards universal health coverage and achieving the

Sustainable Development Goals. There will be three panel discussions focused on building resilient health systems through tailored partnerships, innovation for impact and sustainable finance for Universal Health Coverage. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), the Japan International Cooperation

Agency, and the Japan Center tor International Exchange on 16 December 2015. I sincerely hope lean count on your participation and kindly ask that you confirm your availability nave or assist you preparing materials tor the session should you feel this would be useful.

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