NMC raises concern about delay in ensuring justice for journalists attacked in line of duty

Chairman of the National Media Commission, Yaw Boadu Ayeboafo, has raised concerns about the situation where justice for journalists who are attacked in their line of duty is delayed.

Speaking with GBC News on the second anniversary of the death of Ahmed Suale, an investigative journalist with TigerEye P.I whose case remains unresolved, Mr. Ayeboafo called on the public to develop a sense of consciousness in providing relevant information to the Police to enable them to serve justice to Ahmed Suale and other journalists who have been attacked in their line of duty.

“When things of this nature happen to ordinary Ghanaians, it takes too long for investigations to be concluded.”

“If security people are involved, they are able to unravel it faster than when ordinary citizens are involved. That is a matter that calls for concern. And it is important that we strengthen institutions of State that have responsibility for such investigations.”

Listen to the attached audio for detailed information.

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