Over 20,000 Teachers To Be Unemployed By The End Of This Month – Mr Nsowah Dankwah Reveals


The peace of the world has been threatened by one novel coronavirus pandemic as Ghana our beloved country not an exception to the challenges that this pandemic came with.

Across the globe, all economic activities were brought to a halt for over three months as most countries around the world lockdown certain parts of the countries where it turned to be epicentres of the novel virus.

In Ghana, churches, mosques, markets, companies both private and government were all closed following the outbreak of the pandemic as it turned to threaten the lives of workers and people there.

In Ghana, President of the land, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo called for the closure of schools as ward and teachers live mattered.

Private school teachers across Ghana have been a section of the working population that has hugely been affected by the menace caused by the outbreak.

Mr Nsowah Dankwah who remains an executive member of the private School Managers of Ghana on the Hot FM morning news have posited that over 20,000 private school teachers are likely to be unemployed by the end of this month if schools are not reopened.

“..over 20,000 private school teachers are likely to be unemployed if private schools are not reopened by the end of this month…” – he said