Photos of the studio where people take pictures to look like they are in private jet

In this age of social media, fake life has become abundant. Nobody wants to show their ugly side of life. Due to this, people can go to every extent to fake their lives to look all good while in reality, they’re broke and depressed in real life.

There are people who flaunt bundles of cash on social media yet they don’t even have money to buy recharge cards when they’re out of data.

There are people who posts photos of sumptuos meals on social media while in real life, they cannot even afford a meal per day.

Well, a new photo has emerged on social media which details another lie that people tell about their rich living.READ ALSO:  When you buy something for your girlfriend, buy more for your mother because she prays for you most – Guy

Apparently, there’s a photo studio in Los Angeles, that is designed to look like the inside of a private jet.

So people actually pay to be captured, and they post on social media as if they’re enjoying the private jet life while in reality, it’s a just a normal room.

The ‘luxurious’ furnishings, a ‘private jet’ set is being used by influencers to pretend they’re travelling in style.

The set is designed to look just like the interior of a private jet, with backlit windows aimed at imitating the real thing, so they can appear effortlessly wealthy without actually going anywhere.READ ALSO:  ‘Wendy Shay’s uncle sacked her from his house bacause of Bullet’ – Lady narrates how Bullet & Wendy Shay allegedly started dating

Visits to the set cost about $91 an hour.

See the photo below:

fake private jet
fake private jet

This is a reason for you to know that never get pressured by what you see on social media!!!


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