Rape Victims Enjoy The Act At Some Point- Another Garbage From Counselor Lutterodt [Video]


Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter by Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporterat 05:47pm, Wednesday 08 July 2020at 05:47pm, Wednesday 08 July 2020

As serious as rape is, the man everyone loves to hate, the infamous Counselor Lutterodt is making light of the situation.

He has stated without mincing words that rape victims actually enjoy the act regardless of how much unwillingness they showed in the first place.

In a video sighted, Lutterodt explains that someone may not consent to s#x but during the act, they tend to enjoy it.

His logic is the sheer fact that he has spoken to lots of rape victims and they share such similar tales.

Rape can potentially scar someone for life— it is a phase that someone who has suffered it would never be able to move on from.

We do not know where Lutterodt is going with this but there is no way on this green earth that we concord with his assertions.

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