Research shows most COVID-19 patients die from excessive lung damage

COVID-19 autopsy reports from the Ga East Municipal and 37 Military hospitals in Accra have shown that damage to the lungs was a key feature of cause of death by the virus.

The report by ten Medical personnel indicated that almost all the patients had co-morbid conditions.

Twenty people between the ages of 20 and 79 who tested positive for COVID-19 before their death were presented for the study.

Thirteen of the patients are 55-years or older and 65 percent had Type two diabetes or hypertension.

There was an equal proportion of males and females for the study. The report explained that the outcome of COVID-19 testing is dependent on the sample type and accuracy of sampling amongst other factors.

Despite these findings, the report indicates that “more autopsies are required to fully understand the pathogenesis of this disease among Ghanaians”.

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