Sabronum Community In Tears As They Lose A Tomatoes Farmer

Kwame Amoako 26, a farmer at Sabronum in the Ahafo Ano South District met his untimely death. He left to his tomatoes farm last Monday and never returns, in the evening his bosom friend Peter, visited his house countless times to find from his parents, the where about of the desaesed. It was at that point, they spotted something fishy about their son disappearance. The parents reported the issue to the Mankrasu police and were told to wait till three days before declaring him missing. 

The news was all over Sabronum community. According to Yaw Solomon the desaesed brother, they received a strange call from an unknown person who told the family not to waste resources to travel in search for their son. The caller rather advised them to channel their search within the community. The number has been off right after the call.

This morning, Nanaom poured libations and organized the youths and played the ‘Frititi’ drum (a drum usually plays when in crise), entered the forest to search of their royal.

 Solomon disclosed that, when they got to his brother’s farm, they realized a struggled took place few metres away from his farm. As an adage goes if two elephant fight the grass suffers. Right from the premises they smelled a strange air and flies coming from a fixed direction. A closed checked unveiled the lifeless body of Kwame Amoako. the shocking of all, his lifeless body was headless, with some parts missing.

The body was decomposing which suggests the murder occurred on Monday.

His best friend Peter has been arrested on the grounds that;

  Peter is owning the desaesed an amount of Ghc 4,000 and had misunderstanding with him, as when his money will be paid before leaving to the farm and never returned. 

 According the the family Peter once gave a plot land to the desaesed in exchange of the debt. Their son realized the land was for Peter’s brother. 

They alleged Peter unnecessary visits made them suspected something evil happened to their son and the only person who knows the desaesed tomatoes farm. 

From the above reasons, the family alleged Peter had a hand in their sons death. He has been handed over to Mankrasu police to assist investigation.


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