Slay Queen Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah Puts Curvaceous Booty On Show At A Poolside – Causes Stir – Video

Lawyer turned slay queen Sandra Ankobiah has placed her plastic butt on show during a moment of joy at a poolside.

Sandra’s weekend was a proper slay queen chilling spree as she’s dropped some videos of how she spent it.

In one of the videos, Sandra is on a chilling spree at a poolside.

She turned her back to the camera as the slay queens normally do and flaunted her curvy and pointy butt.

Sandra’s gargantuan butt, which was formerly as flat as a plate but then magically grew to a huge scale, is her favourite body part.

She wants everyone to see it at every chance she gets!

How she got it remains a mystery but how why she flaunts it is easy to guess.

Watch video of her flaunting the backside below…


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