So Akuapem Poloo Did That To Gain Media Attention- Check Screenshot


Rosemond Brown is not entirely off the hook but she sure as hell does not come across as someone who has any sort of remorse for the lifetime gaffe she committed.

In fact, she has tried to justify what she did.

Following the picture that she posted to celebrate her 7 years old son that sparked lots of controversies and has since been taken down, she posted another family-oriented and decent one which was accepted and hail by fans.

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Most of the comments that centered on the new picture were the fact that she could have just gone ahead to post that one instead of the other one which has brought her lots of problems.

Instead of allowing this too to blow over, the obvious unremorseful Akuapem Poloo engaged some of her fans in a battle of words for merely righting the wrong she did.

It looks like she has not learned anything at all from all of this!