Stop forcing marriage on Yvonne Nelson – Whitney fires social critics

Entertainment pundit and Event Planner, Whitney Boakye Mensah says the pressure society gives to women, especially celebrities, have caused most people to go into abusive marriages and many more have died due to the pressure.

Whitney was contributing to Peace FM’s Entertainment Review on a fan who called out Yvonne Nelson to get married because she was not getting any younger.

Her comment comes on the back of a banter between Yvonne Nelson and a fan on social media about her marital status.

According to Whitney, taking on a celebrity status and not being married makes it worse, especially for women, when it comes to pressuring them to get married. She said anytime a celebrity posts something on social media, there are people whose only mission is to go and comment and ask them ‘when are you getting married’, question.

She said it doesn’t seem to be so for men, but rather all the pressure is on women as if men are sold on the market where one could just go and buy.

Whitney said the saddest aspect of this marriage pressure is that it doesn’t end because the moment a woman struggles to get a man to marry, the next pressure is asking for children.

She advised Ghanaians to leave people alone especially those who are single, as some of this unnecessary pressure has sent people into their early graves.


Actress Yvonne Nelson a few days ago reiterated her stance when it comes to marriage. According to her, she does not live her life according to the dictates of society so society cannot hoodwink her into it getting married when she does not feel it’s the right time.

Yvonne Nelson in responding to the fan said, “marriage like I always say isn’t an achievement for me. Real love, kids, an education and happiness are! You can’t tell me how to live my life. The SOCIETY you wanna please so much will kill you one day. No one cares about you anyways. I’ll LIVE the way I want it. I can do the so-called marriage when it feels RIGHT TO ME.”


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