The new temporary market developed at the Race Course by KMA

As part  of plans to properly relocate traders from the Kumasi Central Market to pave the way for the reconstruction of the Phase 2 Kejetia Market, a place has been prepared for the would-be affected traders in the city.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), led by Osei Assibey Antwi, has worked tirelessly to develop a portion of the spacious Race Course in Kumasi into a market to move the affected traders to when it becomes necessary.

The newly constructed facility boasts of spacious sheds, warehouses, roads, drainage systems and the place is also connected to electricity in order to make the traders feel comfortable operating from there.

In total, the newly developed place would accommodate 3,000 traders, and they would mostly be made up of traders that operate on tables such as meat and fish sellers, dealers in foodstuffs and several others.

The KMA, from the look of things, has plans to further expand the temporary market so that more traders from the Kumasi Central Market, especially those that trade in the 10,000 lockable shops, would also be relocated to the new place.

Mr. Antwi said the KMA does not want any trader to be affected by the Kejetia/Kumasi Market Phase 2 project valued at 248 million Euros hence the building of the temporary facility.

He could not readily state the exact date that the affected traders, especially those that trade on tables in the market, would be relocated to the place, explaining that the KMA is only being proactive by preparing a decent place ahead.

“Some of the traders in the Central Market have already been relocated to the newly constructed Kejetia Market, which is the Phase 1, and definitely more traders would have to be moved to pave the way for the contractors to work.

“We don’t want a situation where a trader would have to stay home at the detriment of his/her business due to this project, and that is why we have prepared a decent place for the affected traders in advance,” he explained.


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