The Only Real Thing Is Maame Water; God And Jesus Are Fake— Evangelist Addai

Perhaps when someone said Evangelist Addai is the agent of the devil himself, they were not the farthest from the truth.

Addai who is not in the good books of lots of people because of his obvious doom prophecies has made another damning revelation.

According to Addai, the many apologies he made for saying Despite uses the blood he gathers from the regular blood donations for rituals are false.

He says there are fake because he never meant any of that.

In his latest video, he tells the world that he is not afraid of anyone and never has been.

He says he is committed to speaking the truth and does not care to stand alone or attract haters because of that. He says he was forced to render those apologies.

He concludes that the world was created by a marine goddess commonly known in Ghana here as Maame Water.



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