The violence in Ayawaso West must stop- John Dumelo cry out


The Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency has once again become a scene of
violence and assaults. There have been persistent reports of phsycial abuse meted
out to registration agents, sympathizers of the NDC, observers and innocent
persons perceived to be supporters of the John Dumelo for MP 2020 Campaign.

Within the course of the on-going registration, agents of the NDC have been
brutalized often in the presence of the police. Official complaints have been
lodged with the Police with no response to bring perpetrators to book thus far.

The country is reminded of the painful incidents that took place during the
Ayawaso West Wu0gon bye-elections which led to innocent people being
assaulted in the constituency rendering some of them paralysed. It is a national
shame that the only crime of constituents that day, was their desire to exercise
their voting franchise leading to the maiming and violence the whole nation
witnessed. Residents of the constituency will not forget the negative attention the
happenings of that day as they played out in a government commission of inquiry.
Every Ghanaian is aware of the recommendations and the refusal of government
to act and allow the full rigors of the law to deal with individuals found to have
inflicted violence on innocent citizens.

The John Dumelo for MP 2020 Campaign team wishes to serve notice to the
sitting MP Madam Lydia Alhassan, that it is her duty to promote peace and
Serenity in the constituency. Her campaign that is bound to fail must not be seen
to tacitly approve and profit from the violence being perpetrated on the innocent
Constituents of Ayawaso west Wuogon in the on-going registration exercise.

Should she continue to remain indifferent to the concerns raised that she has been
made aware of severally, alternative reliefs within the confines of our laws will be
sought by this Campaign team to ensure protection of all constituents from acts of
thuggery and hooliganism.
“And help us to resist oppressors rule with all our will and might”.

This is the second time these hooded men have assaulted my agents on Legon campus in the last one week. Are YOU not tired of using violence all the time? 


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