Transport Fares Goes Up


Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality in the Western Region has made an upward adjustment on their transportation fares.

As the corona virus continue to surge, the drivers were directed to reduce the number of passengers they take to avoid the spread of the virus, a decision the drivers say had a toll on their sales.

And after several engagements with the mother body ,the GPRTU, the drivers have resolved to increase their fares .

Passengers will now have to pay 17 cedis for the small cars instead of the initial amount of 13 cedis and 16 cedis for the big cars instead of 12 cedis from Tarkwa to Takoradi.The drivers say they gave authorities two options which were either to allow them take the required number of passengers and insist on the wearing of nose mask or reduce the number of passengers and increase the fares to meet their daily sales.

Passengers were stranded this morning at the main lorry station and not even their quest to pay more changed the decision of the aggrieved drivers who say its only the high ranking officials of the GPRTU alongside the Ministry of Transport that has the power to upheld their request.

We are only telling our superiors that we can’t continue running at a loss hence our decision and it will continue unabated a driver told a reporter Adesi Kumi.

They complained that apart from the constant fuel increases, prices of car parts have also for the past two months seen an astronomical increase and they cant continue to pretend as if all is well.

Passengers seem to be okay with the new fares when we visited the lorry station and some were already on board to be transported to Takoradi.