Trending: Woman wears nose mask on her Voters ID


The Voters ID is a form of identity for people of voting age. Some of the key things we see on the ID is the date of birth, name, polling station code, Voter ID number, QR Code, and date of registration.

Another key thing is a passport-sized photo of the cardholder. This is very important because, without it, there can’t be any proof if indeed you’re the legitimate cardholder.

Hence, it is advised that the full face of the card owner is captured during the registration process.

Female Muslims for instance, who have the culture of wearing hijab are mostly advised to take the picture without it so that their full face can be captured. This is a requirement.

However, a new photo going viral on social media sees one Biney Sheila putting on her nose mask on her Voters ID.

It can’t be established if she wasn’t told to remove it before taking the photo.

Take a look at the photo below:

face masks on voters id



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