Trump Has Trust Issues: See Funny Moment He Peeked To See Who Melania Is Voting For At The US Presidential Election

After looking at this picture, it is safe to say Trump does not trust anyone not even his wedded wife.

The final polls is currently ongoing on various platforms before US Election day to determine the next President of the United States of America.

President Trump is hoping to maintain his seat and Joe Bidden is hoping to unseat him and take over as President of the Country.

Trump and his Wife Melania cast their presidential election votes in New York and a photo of Trump bending over to see who his wife is voting for has gone viral.

He was captured perfectly at the moment he peeked at Melania. Only two things can come out of his action, either he’ll be having a heated argument with her or she will be getting some extra loving.

But his actions has raised comments that the President of America has serious trust issues. Check him out below


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