Two Children Dies In An Abandoned Fuel Station Pit In Obuasi


Two children reportedly died at Ahansonyedodea in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region in an opened Abandoned Fuel Station pit.

The two children went out playing football near the scene where the incident happened. The ages of these two children are nine and seven years old.

The town fores claimed, the man who started the construction of the fuel station in area abandoned the site due to insufficient funds but refused to cover the pit.

The uncovered pit of the abandoned site has served as danger zone and has claimed several lives of animals and human in the area.

The two children who were playing football and attempted going in for their football which fell into the pit but accidentally got stacked and started screaming for assistance.

After some hours, people around went to the scene to rescue the boys and were sent to Anglo Gold Ashanti Government Hospital but the could not survive.

Another child, age eleven, also reported to have died in another Galamsey pit which was uncovered at Binsere town in the Obuasi.

The three dead bodies are been deposited at Anglo Gold Ashanti Government Hospital Mortuary.

People in the town are appealing to the Authorities, especially, the Municipal Chief Executive in the area to immediately act on this problem to prevent further occurrences in the town.


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