VIDEO: Ghanaian Men Don’t Know How To Make Love – Says American Girl


Many men are likely to beat their own drums about the prowess under the sheets but when push comes to shove will be exposed as having very weak love making skills.

An American girl shared her experience of dating Ghanaian men with the Wahaala Boys and this can incite some that claims her assertions are not true. According to American Nyjaire of Ny’s Corner, a Youtube channel dedicated to people looking to move to Ghana, majority of the men in Ghana just likes to “hammer” it in, thinking they are pleasing the woman. She called out the weak skills of many of these men who think they are great at making love.

The numerous drugs circulating the country adds meat to what she claims. There are several drugs and drinks claiming to help men last longer in bed but according to Nyjaire, the best thing is to learn the body of the woman you are with. “Every woman is different” therefore might enjoy and require different things to get them to org*sm.

While many men will be crying about their bruised ego, if one listens to what she had to say especially the advice she gave, many could be enhancing the s*xual experience of their partners.

Many women are wary when it comes to voicing their opinions on the quality of s*x they are getting while others are protective of the fragile egos of their partners hence majority of men walk around thinking they are the top dog when in fact they are just puppies.